Changes to Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation

In reverse chronological order, changes made to the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2006 (formerly Surveying (Practice) Regulation) are:

From 14 December 2009

The Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2006 replaces the Surveying Regulation 2006.

From 1 September 2006

The Surveying Regulation 2006 replaces the Surveying Regulation 2001.

From 25 June 2003 to 30 August 2006

The Surveying Act 2002 replaces the Surveyors Act 1929 and the Survey Co-ordination Act 1949 and certain other Acts.

The Surveying (Practice) Amendment Regulation 2003 amends theSurveyors (Practice) Regulation 2001 to support the new Act. It also renames the regulation to Surveying Regulation 2001.

From 1 September 2001 to 25 June 2003

The Survey Practice Regulation 1990 and Surveyors (Practice) Regulation 1996 were repealed and replaced by the Surveyors (Practice) Regulation 2001.

From 1996 to 2001

A copy of Special Publication No.1 - Standards & Practices for Control Surveys: SP1 can be obtained from the ANZLIC website at

A summary of changes from the 1996 Regulation to the 2001 Regulation are as follows:

Clause 4 Definitions: new definition for chisel mark, terrains (level, undulating, steep and mountainous), Urban now includes rural residential, Permanent Marks and Reference Marks can only refer to one corner.

Clause 8 Old parts (1), (2) and (3) moved to Clause 41. Reference to 'zoning' removed.

Clause 9 Include age, nature and construction material in the description of fences and walls on/near boundaries. Party walls - small changes.

Clause 10 Surveyors certificate on or with the plan of survey.

Clause 18 Clarify the non-marking of corners in accordance with Clause 34 and 42. Reference marks for easements up to and over 200 metres.

Clause 19 Forward advice on discrepancies on Crown survey plans to the Surveyor General within 2 months.

Clause 20 Radiations accepted. The 30 and 100 metre restriction removed.

Clause 21 The old Clause 21 incorporated into Part 7 "Water as a Boundary" and

Clause 22 moved forward.

Clause 22 Old Clause 23 moved forward.

Clause 23 New Clause for surveys using GPS.

Clause 24 Definition of 'Terrain' in Clause 4 'interpretation'.

Clause 25 Misclose tolerance improved to: 20 + 10 √n.

Clause 29 Surveyors Certificate on or with the plan of survey.

Clause 30 PSA requirement removed.

Clause 33 PSA requirement removed. Substitute only 2 permanent marks for the number of permanent marks required. Forward locality sketch plans within 2 months. Every easement survey must have 2 permanent marks. Use SP1 for levelling or heighting standards.

Clause 35 A reference mark can only be used once in a survey. Must have a reference mark at each extremity. 100 metres between reference marks applies if there are intervening boundaries.

Clause 36 Line pegs up to 500 metres but position must be shown on plan.

Clause 41 Includes part of the old Clause 8, depth of reference marks greater than 150mm and 'not found must be shown on plan'.

Clause 42(5) Size of pegs based on 'urban' or 'rural' survey classification - not based on the area lot.

Clause 43 The Surveyor General may approve other mark types.

Clause 46 Levelling of heighting specifications based upon 'Standards & Practices for Control Surveys'. Verification of source and origin of levelling datum.

Clause 48 Retention and archiving of field notes emphasised.

Clause 54 Greater use of the report by surveyor disclosing difficulties or differences.

Part 7 'Water as a Boundary'. This is completely redrafted.

Clause 55 Greater clarity of the requirements of the Regulation. More emphasis on the surveyor to justify the definition.

Clause 56 Comprehensive report for stream bank re-determinations to accompany plan of survey.

Clause 57 Landward boundaries of reservation of fronting non-tidal streams are not required to be marked, reference marks every 1000 metres.

Clause 58 Streamlined approval procedures - The Surveyor General's consent no longer required.

Clause 59 Description of natural feature and definition of bank by radiations.

Clause 61 General exemption from any Clause of the Regulation by Surveyor General.

1990 to 1996

Clause changes from the 1990 Regulations to the 1996 Regulation are shown in Survey Regulation Changes table (PDF 134 KB).