Exemptions by Surveyor General

The Surveyor General is able to exempt individual surveyors from compliance with any clause(s) of the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 for a particular survey. Where an exemption is granted the surveyor must make specific reference to the exemption by noting the exemption number adjacent to the Surveyors Reference on the plan see cl.89(1) and (2) Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012.

Exemptions are granted on an individual plan basis on their merit and should not be applied to a series of plans involved in the same or adjoining development without the consent of the Surveyor General.

An exemption from adopting an MGA orientation or verification to a third mark may be granted when:

  • the established marks are poorly located in relation to the survey
  • extensive traversing would be required to connect to the established survey marks
  • only two established survey marks are available and they are close together, or
  • the use of Trig stations in lieu of placing permanent survey marks is requested.


The only other exceptions to obtaining an exemption are for either:

  • minor subdivisions or boundary adjustments within a parent Deposited Plan (DP) which is already on ISG or MGA orientation, provided connections for orientation are made to three existing permanent marks shown on the parent DP. Surveyor Generals Policy 3 allows this exemption without application to the Cadastral Management Unit. This policy is explained more fully in Surveyor Generals direction No.7. The words 'Policy 3' must be clearly shown next to the Surveyors Reference on the plan. If the parent DP had a MGA orientation, then the new DP will also have a MGA orientation, or
  • staged Community Developments that have commenced using an ISG orientation may continue the subsequent stages using an ISG orientation without an exemption. This is to ensure that all sheets in the Community DP have the same orientation. There is no need for the surveyor to make a formal request for an exemption.

Requests to Cadastral Integrity Group

All requests for exemptions must be in writing to:

Cadastral Management Unit (Bathurst)
Cadastral Integrity Group 
PO Box 143
Bathurst NSW 2795

T: 02 6332 8224  E: ss-cmu@finance.nsw.gov.au

The request must include:

  • Surveyors name and contact details
  • Details of the land survey (including lot and DP)
  • Diagram of the proposal
  • Copy of SCIMS search available on Spatial Services Website
  • Details of the reason for the request.