Completing a surveyor's certificate

The surveyor's certificate, as provided in Schedule 6 Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 is endorsed on the Plan form 6 (PDF 121.6 KB) of the plan. This certificate must be completed and signed by the registered surveyor.

The certificate must also:

  • include the date of completion of the survey
  • indicate the extent of the survey by a list of the lots or boundaries surveyed
  • state the terminals of the line of orientation
  • indicate whether the area is zoned urban or rural.

The date of the survey and the surveyor's reference should both be consistent on all plan drawing sheets and the administration sheet.

Compiled plans

In the case of a compiled plan, inapplicable parts of the survey certificate are to be deleted by ruling through in black ink and the words 'compiled plan' added. The date should be added and where compiled by a surveyor, signed by the surveyor.

Where the NSW LRS plan and Title Advisor has given written approval to prepare a compiled plan of subdivision the surveyor must add the approval file number below the surveyors reference.

Alterations to a plan prior to registration

Once lodged in NSW LRS, if it is necessary to alter/amend a plan as the result of a requisition or for any other reason prior to registration, the plan can only be altered/amended by the surveyor in accordance with the guidelines found in Request to amend a plan prior to registration information.