Transfer (electronic)

A Transfer instrument is used to register the transfer of ownership of land to another person.

An electronic Transfer can be lodged currently for the following two scenarios:

  • Where it affects the whole of the land and all the registered proprietors; or
  • Transfer affects a proprietor's share in land 

The following transfers are not eligible to be lodged electronically (a paper Transfer form 01T).should be used):

  • A transfer creating a life estate or estate in remainder.
  • Transfers affecting more than 20 Folios of the Register which can’t be separated.
  • Transfers requiring an attachment in order to be registered, such as a caveator’s consent, order of court, or Minister’s consent.
  • Transfers that need to be executed by a person other than the registered proprietor, such as a court officer or by a guardian when a person's estate is subject to management under the NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009. (Note transfers executed under a Power of Attorney are eligible to be lodged electronically).

Other transfers that must be lodged in paper:

  • A transfer of an interest in land (see Transfer by a Joint Tenant (form 01JI)
  • For the sole purpose of altering the tenancy of all the registered proprietors (form 01JT (PDF 20 KB)).
  • For the sole purpose of severing a joint tenancy (form 01TJ (PDF 100 KB)).
  • Transfer of an estate in remainder (form 01TK (PDF 100 KB)).
  • Transfers on forms other than the 01T Transfer, such as the Transfer Including Easement.

An electronic Transfer requires:

For information to assist with completing a Transfer in PEXA, see PEXA guidance notes for Transfer.