Transfer (electronic)

A Transfer instrument is used to register the transfer of ownership of land to another person.

An electronic Transfer can be lodged where it affects the whole of the land and all of the registered proprietors.

An electronic Transfer cannot be used (a paper Transfer may be used) in the following instances:

  • To transfer an interest or share in land (form 01T (PDF 98 KB)).
  • To transfer land that does not affect all of the registered proprietors (form 01T (PDF 98 KB)).
  • For the sole purpose of altering the tenancy of all the registered proprietors (form 01JT (PDF 20 KB)).
  • For the sole purpose of severing a joint tenancy (form 01TJ (PDF 100 KB)).
  • A transfer creating a life estate or estate in remainder (form 01T (PDF 98 KB)).
  • Transfer of an estate in remainder (form 01TK (PDF 100 KB)).

An electronic Transfer requires:

For information to assist with completing a Transfer in PEXA, see PEXA guidance notes for Transfer.