Complete a mortgage

This information aims to help you complete an electronic Mortgage in PEXA.


Select the land title reference(s) affected by the mortgage.

Mortgagor details

Select one of the following to specify the party type of the mortgagor.

  • Proprietor on title – select this option if the mortgage affects the current registered proprietor(s).
  • Incoming proprietor – select this option if the mortgage affects the incoming proprietor.

Mortgagee details

Tenancy type

If there is only one mortgagee, select sole proprietor.

If there is more than one mortgagee, select one of the following:

  • Joint tenants
  • Tenants in common

For more information about tenancy types, see What is tenancy? page


The mortgagee name is specified in this field (and in the case of a corporation must include its ACN).

If the tenancy type is tenants in common, the share of each mortgagee must also be specified.

Mortgage covenants

This section is used to specify a set of terms, conditions and/or other legal details that may apply to a Mortgage.

LR memorandum ID

Specific mortgage provisions are specified in this field.

The document ID number of at least one memorandum that has been lodged and registered with the NSW Land Registry must be specified.

A standard Memorandum prepared by the NSW Land Registry may be used. The document ID number is Q860000.

Additional covenants

Any further terms and conditions may be stated.

Append text to additional covenants

Select Yes to input additional terms and conditions of the mortgage. There is a 2000 character limit for each additional term and condition. There is no limit on the number of additional terms and conditions.