Compiled residue lots

The boundaries of a residue parcel, after subdivision creating new lot(s) may be compiled where:

  • they are extensive compared to other lot(s) in the plan
  • all dimensions are in agreement with the certificate base plan(s) or deed(s)

Plan requirements

The plan must meet all the same requirements as any other deposited plan with the following concessions:

  • All boundaries must show full bearings and distances if those dimensions are disclosed on the base plan.
  • The residue parcel should close within the limits provided by clause 26(3) Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017.If the parcel does not close within the limits the surveyor must explain the discrepancy in a comprehensive report and the report should be lodged with the plan as required by clause 3.14.2 Surveyor-General’s Direction No.7.
  • The area of the residue parcel must be shown and calculated from the bearings and distances shown.
  • If the area cannot be calculated it must be deducted by subtracting the areas of the surveyed lot(s) from the total area of the lot(s) subdivided. The area should be identified as “By Deduction”.