Evidence of CoRD

Control of the Right to Deal (CoRD) is evidenced in NSW by:

  • legitimate possession of the current certificate of title (CT) or
  • an electronic Certificate of Title (eCT) 

An eCT is used where the party who would be entitled to the CT has their name recorded on the land title. See Parties eligible for an eCT.

An eCT should not be confused with the certificate of title has not issued shown on a land title for which the NSW Land Registry has not issued a CT, e.g. for roads, railways and waterways see CoRD details in a land title search.

Electronic conveyancing allows for a CoRD holder, to provide an electronic consent for the registration of registry instruments and plans. An electronic consent is known as a CoRD Holder Consent.

For more information about electronic CoRD Holder Consents, see CoRD Holder consent.