Parties eligible for an eCT

In order to be eligible for an eCT the party must:

  • hold a registered mortgage with priority over any other mortgage or charge registered on the land title
  • be a current PEXA subscriber or be represented by a PEXA subscriber and
  • be in legitimate possession of the paper CT (if issued).

From 1 March 2017 eCTs are issued to ADIs when registering a first mortgage through PEXA and from 1 August 2017 where a mortgagee is an ADI and the mortgagee, or its representative, lodges a paper transaction, and they are or remain the first mortgagee on title, they will receive an eCT on registration of the paper transaction.

An eligible party may lodge a CoRD Holder Consent for Conversion to No-CT  see Conversion to No-CT page.