Conversion to No CT

A CoRD Holder Consent is an electronic document lodged through an ELNO. It is used by a CoRD holder to provide consent to the registration of registry instruments and plans. It can also be used by eligible mortgagees to convert a paper certificate of title (CT) to an eCT.

A Conversion to No CT is one of the consent types in a CoRD Holder Consent. It is lodged as a standalone document, i.e. is lodged without registry instruments. The CT is cancelled by the Registrar General and replaced with an eCT for the current edition of the Register.

Cancelled paper CTs cannot be used for future transactions.

After conversion, the CoRD holder must retain the cancelled CT. For more information, see Evidence for electronic instruments

Cancelled manual CTs may be returned to the client of the financial institution for historical purposes.

Whilst recorded on the land title as the CoRD holder, consent to the registration of electronic and paper registry instruments and registry plans is provided by lodging a CoRD Holder Consent through an ELNO.

Complete a CoRD Holder Consent - Conversion to No CT information to assist with completing a CoRD Holder Consent (Conversion to No CT) electronically.