Withdrawing a CoRD Holder Consent

A CoRD Holder Consent for a paper dealing(s) or plan cannot be withdrawn electronically via PEXA - it can only be manually withdrawn upon request to NSW LRS by the consenting party or the subscriber representing the consenting party:

  • If the responsible subscriber requires withdrawal where the transaction for which the consent was provided is not going to proceed. 
  • Where a standalone CoRD Holder Consent has been lodged in PEXA for a case which is to proceed in the paper channel, and then it is decided to proceed in the electronic channel (PEXA).

The request must be emailed to the eConveyancingNSW@nswlrs.com.au .

A CoRD Holder Consent cannot be withdrawn after lodgment of the registry instruments referenced in the consent. This applies to both electronic and paper registry instruments.

In another circumstance where the dealings have been lodged and a requisition sent for the details in the CoRD Holder Consent to be updated or amended, NSW LRS will remove the current consent to enable the replacement through PEXA.