Land titles eligible for eLodgment

An ELNO will automatically verify if a land title is eligible for electronic lodgment. If a land title is not suitable for electronic lodgment of registry instruments, lodgment is acceptable via other manual lodgment channels.

The current suitability rules are provided in the following table. There are also restrictions for unencumbered land titles.


Suitable for electronic lodgment

Not suitable for electronic lodgment

Suitable Title Type

  • Lot in Deposited Plan (DP)
  • Lot in Strata Plan (SP)
  • Whole of an Auto Consol title
  • Whole of a Sub Folio 

If the title type is one of:

  • Sub-Folio Base title
  • Strata Common Property
  • Association lot (i.e. lot 1) in a Community Scheme
  • Association lot (i.e. lot 1) in a Neighbourhood Scheme
  • Association lot (i.e. lot 1) in a Precinct Scheme
  • Lease Folio
  • Lease Folio Head title
  • Lot in an Auto Consol
  • Special Lease title
  • Water Access License (WAL) title
  • A title where there are multiple entitles to the CT

Estate Type

  • Estate in Fee Simple
  • Mineral
  • Leasehold
  • Perpetual Leasehold 

Any other Estate Type


Schedule ownership must be for the 'whole' of the title


Left or right parenthesis in Proprietor name

Private proprietor name does not contain either left or right parenthesis

Private proprietor name contains either left or right parenthesis

Unsuitable 2nd Schedule Notification/Notation   

Certain notifications and notations noted on a land title may prevent the title from being suitable for electronic lodgment 

See Notifications preventing eLodgment