How does the mortgagee produce a CT when there is an eCT?

Where a paper CT has issued, the lodging party of a subsequent mortgage, lease, plan, or other dealing asks the Control of the Right to Deal (CoRD) holder (first mortgagee) to produce the CT to enable registration. 

However, where there is an eCT, the CoRD holder must now lodge a CoRD Holder Consent via an ELNO. The consent must specify all dealings, including plans, to which registration is consented to and specify the parties involved. As the consenting party is not involved in the transaction and will retain CoRD after registration, the type of consent lodged will be a Third Party Consent. The CoRD holder can again request for an eCT to issue after registration.

To ensure that the consent has been lodged with NSW LRS, the lodging party of the subsequent mortgage, lease, plan or other dealing should perform an NSW LRS CT Inquiry through an NSW LRS approved information broker or through the NSW LRS Online portal.

For more information see NSW LRS Circular 2017/07 (PDF 366 KB)