Requirements for electronic registry instruments

All electronic transactions require a CoRD Holder Consent.

In order to complete the CoRD Holder Consent (Third Party Consent), the consenting party must be invited into an ELNO to consent to a transaction.

The CoRD Holder Consent (Third Party Consent) is lodged in the same lodgment case with the electronic registry instruments. It is lodged by the responsible subscriber of the electronic case.

Evidence of CoRD

The consenting party can hold either:

  • a certificate of title (CT) or
  • an eCT where a paper CT has not issued.

When to use a Third Party Consent

The CoRD Holder Consent (Third Party Consent) is used where the consenting party is not a party to the transaction. For example, an incoming second mortgagee requires the first mortgagee to provide a Third Party Consent. For more examples see Examples for electronic registry instruments page.