Transacting party consent

A CoRD Holder Consent is an electronic document lodged through PEXA. It is used by a CoRD holder to provide consent to the registration of registry instruments and plans. It is the electronic equivalent of making available the certificate of title for a transaction.

When lodging a CoRD Holder Consent, the consenting party must specify the type of consent it is providing. A Transacting Party Consent is one of the consent types in a CoRD Holder Consent. It is used where the consenting party is a party to a transaction. See Examples of Transacting Party Consent page.

A CoRD Holder Consent (Transacting Party Consent) may be lodged:

  • with one or more electronic registry instruments or
  • on its own (i.e. standalone) to provide consent to one or more paper registry instruments (where there is an eCT for the land title).

Requirements for electronic registry instruments using Transacting Party Consent for PEXA transactions.


Examples for electronic registry instruments examples of PEXA transactions which r.equire a Transacting Party Consent


Requirements for paper registry instruments using Transacting Party Consent for paper transactions.


Examples for paper registry instruments which require a Transacting Party Consent.


Requirements for paper registry plans and e-Plans using Transacting Party Consent for plans.


Advice of CT production for electronic registry instruments information about CoRD Holder Consents for PEXA transactions when the CT has been separately produced to the NSW Land Registry.


Complete a CoRD Holder Consent - Transacting Party Consent information to assist with completing a CoRD Holder Consent (Transacting Party Consent) in PEXA.