Advice of CT production for electronic registry instruments

All electronic transactions require a CoRD Holder Consent. This is an electronic document lodged through an ELNO to provide consent to the registration of registry instruments and plans. It is the electronic equivalent of making the certificate of title (CT) available for a transaction.

A CT may be produced to the NSW Land Registry to consent to the registration of electronic registry instruments lodged separately through an ELNO. The responsible subscriber is still required to provide a CoRD Holder Consent, to advise of the separate production by referencing the production receipt number. 

Instances where the CT must be produced separately from the electronic registry instruments are:

  • the consenting party is not an ELNO subscriber and so cannot be invited into the ELNO to complete a CoRD Holder Consent or
  • an incoming mortgagee intends to lodge an electronic mortgage and the registered proprietor has provided an unencumbered CT with an edition date prior to 1 January 2004. 

An unencumbered CT must be produced with an E-Transaction Production Receipt at the NSW LRS Production Counter to verify its authenticity and before the transaction can proceed electronically There is no production fee payable. See also Using Certificates of Title for eLodgment.