Requirements for electronic registry instruments

All electronic registry instruments i.e. PEXA transactions require a CoRD Holder Consent.

The CoRD Holder Consent (Transacting Party Consent) is lodged in the same lodgment case as the electronic registry instruments. It is lodged by the responsible subscriber of the electronic case.

Evidence of CoRD

The consenting party can hold either a:

  • certificate of title (CT) or
  • electronic Certificate of Title (eCT) where a CT has not issued.

For more information, see Using Certificates of Title for eLodgment page.

When to use Transacting Party Consent

  • Where the consenting party is a party to the transaction such as a discharging mortgagee lodging an electronic discharge of mortgage, or
  • Where the responsible subscriber (lodging party) of an electronic case advises of the physical production of the CT to the NSW Land Registry by the CT holder see Advice of CT production page.

To understand the scenarios in which you would use see Examples for electronic registry instruments page.