Requirements for paper registry instruments

To provide consent for a paper transaction, a CoRD Holder Consent (Transacting Party Consent) is lodged as a standalone document through PEXA.

Evidence of CoRD

The consenting party must hold an electronic Certificate of Title (eCT).

Where a CT has issued, a CoRD Holder Consent cannot be lodged to provide consent to a paper transaction. The CT must be lodged with the paper registry instruments.

When to use Transacting Party Consent

Where a CT has not issued and the CoRD holder is named in an eCT on the land title, a CoRD Holder Consent (Transacting Party Consent) must be lodged to provide consent to the registration of paper registry instruments.

Where the CoRD holder lodges a Request (Form 11R) to issue a certificate of title, a Transacting Party Consent is not required.

The consenting party is not required to apply for the issue of a CT to be provided at settlement and lodged with paper registry instruments. For more information, see NSW LRS Circular 2017-07 (PDF 365 KB).