Deferred placement of marks

The placement of survey marks may be deferred to prevent the marks being disturbed or destroyed during development and construction. Generally only placement of reference and/or permanent marks may be deferred see cl.38 Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012.

Requests to Cadastral Integrity Group

A request to defer placement of marks must be made in writing to the Surveyor General through:

Cadastral Management Unit (Bathurst)
Cadastral Integrity Group NSW LRS
PO Box 143
Bathurst NSW 2795

02 6332 8224

Time limit for deferment

A surveyor may have the placement of survey marks deferred for a period not exceeding 28 days from completion of construction see cl.38(5) Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012.

Surveyor General requirements

Surveyor Generals Direction 7 sets out the requirements more fully.

The Surveyor General requires the surveyor to produce evidence that a comprehensive network of other marks has been placed in safe and protected locations throughout the development. These marks must be suitable for defining the new lot(s) or road(s) in the plan.

In order to satisfy these requirements the surveyor should pay the security fee for the application and lodge a plan with the Cadastral Management Unit, NSW LRS showing:

  • the marks to be deferred, identified by a unique number or letter, with double circles at the corners to which the deferred marks will be referenced, and
  • the survey marks forming the network suitable for defining the new lots/roads and direct connections between the marks and to the cadastre. The connections must be closed to provide greater integrity.

NSW LRS requirements

In registering a plan which covers an area in which a deferment has been granted, the Registrar General is concerned with obtaining evidence of the granting of deferment and the recording of subsequent details of the marks after they have been placed. The action taken to ensure this is:

Before lodgment of the plan with NSW LRS

The Cadastral Integrity Group, Bathurst will issue the surveyor with a deferred mark number. This number should be added to the plan after the surveyor's reference.

The following statement must be included in the Statements panel on the administration sheet of the plan or in the plan drawing area of the registered plan:

'The placement of Reference/Permanent Marks in ... [name road(s) and/or describe lots] .... has been deferred in accordance with cl.38 Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012. When placed, the nature and position of these Reference/Permanent Marks will be shown in a schedule on a separate sheet annexed to this plan.'

At lodgment of the plan in NSW LRS

An additional prescribed fee must be paid to cover the costs of processing the final sheet containing the schedule of the nature and position of the reference/permanent marks. This fee is equivalent to the plan amendment fee. This sheet is to be annexed to the registered plan after the deferred survey marks are established. This is the plan referred to in the following paragraph.

After the deferred survey marks are placed

When the deferred survey marks are finally placed and connected to the parcel corners, their nature and position should be shown in a schedule on Plan form 1 (PDF 35 KB) or Plan form 2 (PDF 37 KB) and identified as an annexure sheet of the original plan. The surveyor forwards this sheet to:

Team Leader Plan Review

Titling and Registry Services
NSW Land Registry Services
1 Prince Albert Road, Queens Square
Sydney NSW 2000

This plan sheet will be placed on public record as an annexure to the existing registered plan. A full copy of the final registered plan will be forwarded to the surveyor for use in obtaining the refund of 85 per cent of the security placed with the Surveyor General when the application for deferment was granted.