The metre (m) is the only permissible unit of length. The symbol m must not be shown.

Lengths are to be expressed as metres or parts of a metre correct to 3 decimal places.

Lengths of less than one metre must be preceded by an '0', e.g. 0.75

Omit '0' where it is the last character of a length to the right of the decimal marker, e.g. 20.150 will be expressed as 20.15 and 200.000 will be expressed as 200.


A bearing is expressed as degrees ( ) minutes ( ' ) and seconds ( " ) and should be shown as measured.


Australian Height Datum (AHD) or some other datum approved by the Surveyor General must be adopted where any reference is made to height in a deposited plan or an associated instrument.

Heights will be expressed correct to 3 decimal places, e.g. 120.35 (AHD).


Area measurements must be expressed as follows:

  • areas of less than one hectare must be expressed in square metres, accompanied by the symbol 'm²'
  • areas of one hectare or more must be expressed in hectares, using not more than 4 significant figures, accompanied by the symbol 'ha'
  • areas of 10,000 hectares or more must be expressed in square kilometres, accompanied by the symbol 'km²'.

The total area of a parcel must be shown within the most significant part of the parcel and must be the exact mathematical total of the areas of the component parts of that parcel shown elsewhere in the deposited plan.

Reduction ratio (scale) 

The scale will be expressed as a ratio e.g. 1:500. The ratio selected should ensure clarity of reproduction of all the deposited plan detail by the scanning processes used in by NSW LRS.