Instruction by DPI Water

Staff processing information

All instructions are to be processed by SD6 in every instance.

Dealing type - WB

Stamp duty - Not required.

WAL Certificate 

Required where issued  - for changes in first & second schedule. 

Not Required  - where the Minister is to be recorded as the holder.

Caveat noted on the WAL Folio - If specifically prohibited, refer to the Senior Examining Officer for service of notice on the caveator. Note  An Instruction by DPI Water is considered to be a Ministerial action and is excepted by s71F(2) Water Management Act 2000.

Note  This form is also used as a cover sheet for the DPI Water instructions to be connected to a Notification form W-19WA. The Instruction cover sheet will state the Application Number and Registration Expiry Date. The Instruction cover sheet and attached anexures is filed with SD6.

(E) The number of the WAL affected by the Instruction by the DPI Water must be stated.

(F) The tenure type of the WAL must be stated and agree with the tenure type shown on the WAL folio, i.e. Continuing, Specific Purpose or Supplementary.

(G) Must be left blank.

(H) Must be left blank.

(I) Documentation accompanying the Instruction by DPI Water must be described.

(J) The Instruction DPI Water must be executed by the authorised officer. The full name and position must be stated. The execution must be witnessed.