Statutory declarations sworn outside NSW

Statutory declarations sworn outside the state of New South Wales must be sworn in accordance with the provisions of the local legislation see section 169 of the Conveyancing Act 1919.

If you need to make a statutory declaration that concerns a state, territory or country, please visit the relevant authority’s website for further information.

Commonwealth or ACT

Attorney-General's Department - Commonwealth legislation - ACT legislation

Declarations made under the Commonwealth legislation, Statutory Declarations Act 1959, should only be used in relation to Commonwealth legislation, however, NSW LRS will accept them.


Department of Justice - Victorian legislation


Department of Justice and Attorney-General - Queensland legislation

Western Australia

Department of the Attorney-General - Western Australian legislation

South Australia

Attorney - General's Department - South Australian legislation


Department of Justice - Tasmanian legislation

Northern Territory

Department of the Attorney-General and Justice - Northern Territory legislation

New Zealand

Ministry of Justice - New Zealand legislation

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Hong Kong legislation


Attorney General's Chambers - Singapore legislation

United Kingdom

United Kingdom - United Kingdom legislation 


See our fact sheet What is a statutory declaration? (PDF 196.4KB) for information on statutory declarations made in New South Wales.