Community schemes

The Registrar General's Directions for Community Schemes are an initiative of NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS). Their intention is to establish NSW LRS requirements for community scheme plans and thereby reduce delays by minimising the raising of requisitions on documents lodged for registration. They set out information needed by surveyors, solicitors and others in the preparation of community scheme plans (including Community, Precinct and Neighbourhood plans) and associated instruments.

What is a community scheme?

All community schemes are depicted in community plans. The community plan is a subdivision of a parcel of Real Property land into three or more separate lots. The lot numbered 1 is association property. The association property is similar to common property in a strata scheme and is owned by an association comprising the registered proprietors or each of the other lots.

For the purpose of this explanation community schemes include schemes based on community plans, precinct plans and neighbourhood plans.


With regard to community schemes in NSW LRS, the relevant legislation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Other legislation which is relevant to community schemes but not necessarily to NSW LRS is: