After the scheme has commenced

After the registration of the original plan the scheme commences and actions may be taken which affect the scheme.

Subdivision of community or precinct schemes development lots in a community plan may be subdivided by a precinct plan or a neighbourhood plan, to create subsidiary schemes.


Subdivision of neighbourhood schemes neighbourhood lots and neighbourhood property may be subdivided by a neighbourhood plan of subdivision to create new neighbourhood lots and or neighbourhood property.


Consolidation two or more but not all of the development lots in a community or precinct scheme or development lots in a neighbourhood scheme may be consolidated in a plan of consolidation.


Conversion development lot in a community or precinct scheme or a neighbourhood lot may be converted to association property.


Severance development lot in a community or precinct scheme may be severed from the scheme.


Boundary adjustment plan provides a simple method of altering boundaries between development lots and association property.


Change of address for service of notices an association may change its address for service of notices.


Amendment of management statement or development contract an association may amend a management statement in relation to the control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the lots or association property.


Revised schedule of unit entitlements it is possible for a revised schedule to be lodged based on the Valuer General's table of values.


Adding land to association property a community, precinct or neighbourhood association may add to its association property.


Transfer or lease of association property a association may lease or transfer some of its association property.


Dedicating roads and reserves land in a scheme that is intended to be dedicated as a road or reserve in the future should be left as part of a development lot or neighbourhood lot rather than be included as part of the association property.


Varying and terminating a Scheme in all cases relating to variation or termination of a scheme it is strongly recommended that advice be sought from NSW LRS Legal and Dispute Resolution T: 02 836 0192.