Preparing the plan

Location diagram must be prepared on Plan Form 4 in accordance with clause 6 Community Land Development Regulation 2007.


Detail plan is the component of the plan in which all neighbourhood and development lots are defined by survey.


Association property plan purpose is to define by survey the association property.


Administration sheets all plans must be signed or consented to in accordance with section 195D Conveyancing Act 1919.


Plan form 6 will always be sheet 1 of the administration sheets.


Plan form 6D must be the same as shown on sheet 1 (Plan Form 6).


Plan form 6A must be the same as shown on sheet 1 (Plan Form 6).


Management statement must be lodged with each community, precinct and neighbourhood scheme.


Accessway plan accessways are part of association property and the plan defines their position.


Service works plan purpose is to enable the creating of statutory easements in accordance with section 36 Community Land Development Act 1989.


Development contract is a form of contract between the original proprietor and the owners for the time being of the lots in the scheme.