Plan form 6D

Plan heading

This must be the same as shown on sheet 1 (Plan Form 6).

Deposited plan number and registration details

These details are entered in the panels in the upper right corner of the form in NSW LRS. The panels are for 'Office Use Only' and should be left blank on plans lodged for registration.

Subdivision certificate No.

Enter the subdivision number and date as shown in the subdivision certificate on sheet 1.

Name of development

A name may be provided for the development in this panel. It may be left blank if desired.

Schedule of unit entitlement

The schedule of unit entitlements must be provided in this panel and clearly labelled:


The schedule must contain 3 columns as follows:

  • The first column must be headed ‘LOT’ and must list in numerical order the lots in the plan,
  • The second column must be headed ‘UNIT ENTITLEMENT’ and show adjacent to each development lot or neighbourhood lot,
    • Lot 1 must show, Community Property, Precinct Property or Neighbourhood Property as the case requires
    • Any lot which is to be dedicated as public or drainage reserve must show Public Reserve or Drainage Reserve as the case requires
    • All other lots must show the value of the unit entitlement for that lot as a whole number.
  • The third column must be headed subdivision and provides space to indicate the details of the subdivisions as they occur.

Surveyor’s reference

Enter the surveyor’s reference as on sheet 1.