Association property plan

An association property plan is prepared on Plan form 2 A2 (DP) (PDF 186 KB) in accordance with clause 8 Community Land Development Regulation 2018 and Schedule 5 or 7 of the Lodgment Rules. The plan must meet the same requirements as any deposited plan and address the following details:

  • It must be clearly labelled 'COMMUNITY PROPERTY PLAN', 'PRECINCT PROPERTY PLAN' or 'NEIGHBOURHOOD PROPERTY PLAN', as the case requires, in the plan drawing area.
  • It must be prepared on one sheet only. If in the opinion of the surveyor this is not practical an exemption should be sought from NSW LRS.
  • It must provide a compiled plan of the association property based upon the information in the detail plan.
  • The site and details of all new and existing easements which affect the association property must be shown.
  • It is not permitted to show the sites of statutory easements created in accordance with section 36 Community Land Development Act 1989.

Note To ensure clarity all lettering on the plan forms should have a minimum height of 2.5 mm.