Location diagram

The location diagram must be prepared on Plan form 4 (PDF 55 KB) in accordance with clause 6 Community Land Development Regulation 2018. It must show the following in the plan drawing area:

  • a label indicating LOCATION DIAGRAM
  • a North point (directed upwards)
  • the subdivisional pattern of the scheme without any dimensions
  • a connection in metres from the subject land to the nearest cross street
  • the relative position of appropriate adjoining information including main access roads.

To the right of the plan drawing area the plan form contains a schedule of changes to the scheme which will be updated in NSW LRS as the development progresses. Below this schedule is space to indicate:

  • Subdivision certificate number and date. This information must agree with the subdivision certificate.
  • Surveyors name and reference. This information must agree with the survey certificate.
  • The registration details and plan number which will be completed in NSW LRS.

Note To ensure clarity all lettering on the plan form should have a minimum height of 2.5 mm.