Administration sheets

All plans must be signed or consented to in accordance with section 195D Conveyancing Act 1919. The administration sheets are a document upon which to provide these signatures or consents. The administration sheets also contain a subdivision certificate, a surveyors certificate and space for a schedule of unit entitlement.

The administration sheets for a community scheme plan will always consist of at least 2 sheets Plan form 6 2013 (PDF 121.6 KB), which is required for all deposited plans, and Plan form 6D 2016 (PDF 103 KB), which specific to community scheme plans. These sheets must be numbered as sheets 1 and 2 respectively. If there is insufficient space on sheet 2 for the information required extra sheets may be added. These sheets will be prepared on Plan form 6A 2012 (PDF 109 KB), which is the same as all deposited plans.

  • All sheets must be numbered appropriately in the upper right corner.
  • The plan heading, which is shown in the panel with the wording PLAN OF, must be identical on each sheet. The plan heading must indicate its intention e.g. Plan of Subdivision of Lot___ in DP_____. The first plan in a scheme will always be a subdivision of a lot(s) in a Deposited Plan(s).

Note  The administration sheets are registered as part of the plan and when a copy of the registered plan is ordered the administration sheets will also be provided.