Service works plan

The service works plan may also be referred to as Works Plan, Works as Executed Plan or the Prescribed Diagram.

The purpose is to enable the creating of statutory easements in accordance with section 36 Community Land Development Act 1989.

When it is intended to create statutory easements the plan must the approximate position of each service and indicate that they exist, i.e. Works as Executed. It is also permitted to show the sites of proposed services and describe them as Works to be Executed.

The sites of the services are approximate only and should be shown in the same manner as an easement over existing line of pipes.

It is not required to show dimensions. Each of the services shown on the Service Works Plan must be listed under Services in Part 3, Mandatory Matters of the management statement.

The sites of these easements can only be shown over lots in the scheme. They may not be created over public or drainage reserves or over public roads.