What are Pre-allocated plan numbers (PPNs)?

PPNs are unique plan numbers issued on request to surveyors for proposed land developments before plans are ready for lodgment.

PPNs are distinguished from other plan numbers by the prefix ‘PP’ e.g. PPSP76543. When a PPN is issued it is noted on affected folios of the register in the Integrated Titling System (ITS). However PPNs do not have any particular status and should not be confused with unregistered plans noted on title.

They do not have an automatic or early right to registration and are subject to the usual NSW LRS plan registration processes. When a final or pre-examination PPN plan is lodged with NSW LRS, the prefix is deleted e.g. PPSP76543 becomes SP76543.

Sydney Water requires surveyors to obtain PPNs so that they have plenty of warning of proposed subdivisions that will require the provision of water utilities.

Settlement of current transactions should not be delayed simply because a PPN is noted on title.

For more information on PPNs see Circulars: 2007-06 (PDF 419.8KB), 2007-14 (PDF 101.7KB) and 2008-6 (PDF 43.2KB).