Death of a registered party

All joint tenants deceased where two or more registered proprietors hold as joint tenants and all are deceased.


Death of a registered caveator what if the caveator dies and the executor or administrator intends to continue with the claim.


Deceased or renounced administrator when an administrator dies before lodgment of a transmission application.


Deceased or renounced executor where a sole executor registered as proprietor on the title dies.


Deceased or renounced trustee where the trustee of a deceased registered proprietor's estate or interest dies or renounces their duty.


Double probate where one of several executors named in the will took leave.


Executor by representation (deceased sole executor) where a sole executor who is not registered on the title dies.


Notice of death form W-02ND information and procedures.


Transmission application by a devisee, beneficiary or next-of-kin devisee or next of kin, form W-03TA(B), information and procedures.


Transmission application by executor, administrator or trustee administrator or trustee, form W-03TA (E) information and procedures.

Transmission application sole proprietor holding in different capacities information and procedures.