Dealing requirements

Application to record new registered holder form W-04NH, information and procedures


Bankruptcy forms, related information, process and procedures.


Caveats forms, consent, noted, exceptions and related information, process and procedures.


Change of name form, party being removed and party remaining on WAL folio and change of name of caveator.


Charges forms, mortgage of, discharge, transfer and other related information, process and procedures.


Death of a registered party forms, death of a registered caveator, notice of death procedures, transmission applications and other related information.


Instruction by WaterNSW staff processing information only.


Memorandum form W-16WM, information and procedures.


Mortgages forms, discharge, postponement, transfer and variation processes and related information.


Notice of death form W-02ND information and procedures.


Notification form W-19WA prepared by DPI Water and given to the applicant for execution and lodgment with NSW LRS.


Replacement licence certificate form W-12PV procedures and information.


Requests miscellaneous actions form W-11R, information including order of court, removal of expired term transfer, merger of the registered holder and mortgage or charge and other procedures.


Term transfers includes forms and processes for surrender of term transfer, variation of term transfer and removal of a registered term transfer.


Transfers forms, processes and procedures.


Transmission application forms W-03TA(B) and W-03TA(E), all joint tenants deceased, deceased or renounced administrator, executor or trustee, double probate and other information and procedures.