Complete a Caveat

This information aims to help you complete an electronic caveat in PEXA.



A caveator may be any party, including the registered proprietor, who claims an estate or interest in land.

Each caveator must be specified.


Select the land title reference(s) affected by the caveat.

Registered Proprietors

Registered proprietors affected by this caveat

  • All Registered Proprietors – select this option if the caveator intends to claim against all of the registered proprietors
  • Some of the Registered Proprietors – select this option if the caveator intends to claim against less than all the registered proprietors.
    • Names of Registered Proprietors - if the caveator intends to claim against some of the registered proprietors, select the names of the proprietors on title that are affected by the caveat.  

Claim Details

Estate or interest claimed

From the drop down list, select the type of estate or interest in land claimed.

Claim category

A claim category is the evidence or instrument supporting the estate or interest claimed.

Further details supporting the claim (optional)

Additional information about the estate or interest claimed may be provided.

Add Claim Party

Click this button to add other parties to the claim. This may include parties involved in the claim other than the Registered Proprietor or Caveator, e.g. a transferee (not the current Registered Proprietor of Estate) intended to be the mortgagor in the claim Mortgage.

Date of interest claimed

Where there is a dated agreement or similar, specifies the date of the claim.

Action Prohibited

Action Prohibited

Select the relevant action(s) to be prohibited by the recording of the caveat.

Qualification details (optional)

A qualification may be added to expand or reduce the scope of the specified action prohibited. For example:

  • a prohibition clause to prevent registration of specific dealings or parties, or
  • to allow registration of particular dealings normally prevented.

Single Service of Notice Details for Caveators

A name and a postal address (in Australia) for service of notices on the caveator must be stated. See s74F(5)(6) Real Property Act 1900.


Select which party type will receive notices served:

  • Subscriber
  • Caveators
  • Other

Contact name

The full name of the party must be specified. 

Street Address in Australia

Only one street address for service of notice on caveator can be provided.

An additional DX address may be provided.

PO Box address is not acceptable.