e-Conveyancing FAQs

The following are general FAQs regarding eConveyancing and more detailed FAQs on Control of the Right to Deal (CoRD), settlement and administrative changes.




What is PEXA?


What is a subscriber?


Who can lodge dealings electronically?


Will electronically lodged dealings become public records for searching purposes?


How will I know when an electronic dealing has been registered?


Who do I contact if I have questions about changes to NSW LRS processes?


Who do I contact on how the PEXA system works?


Can I order title searches through PEXA?


Will NSW LRS be providing a title search to the PEXA workspace?


Do electronically lodged dealings take precedence over dealings lodged in paper?


Is there is a price differential for lodgment fees through PEXA?


Can interstate practitioners operate in NSW through PEXA?


Can NSW practitioners operate in other states and territories through PEXA?


Will there be requisitions on electronically lodged dealings?


How do I process a settlement transaction electronically when the vendor holds a paper Discharge of Mortgage and the Certificate of Title (CT)?


My client holds an unencumbered Certificate of Title (CT) that issued before 2004. Can I transfer this property electronically?


How do I process a transaction electronically when the vendor has changed their name but the land title still shows the former name?


Control of the Right to Deal (CoRD) and eCT


What is Control of the Right to Deal (CoRD)?


What is a CoRD Holder Consent?


What is an electronic Certificate of Title (eCT)?


How does the mortgagee produce a CT when there is an eCT?


There is an eCT for the land title. Does this mean I will not receive a paper CT after registration of my transaction?


Can anyone request an eCT?


Settlement and eCT


What happens with an eCT in a paper settlement?


I am attending settlement and one of the parties has requested for the eCT to be converted to paper for settlement. What should I do?


How can I be sure that a CoRD Holder Consent that has been lodged with NSW LRS won’t be withdrawn before settlement?


Settlement is no longer proceeding. How do I withdraw a CoRD Holder Consent?


I am attending a paper settlement where there is an eCT- will my client receive a paper CT after the dealings are registered?


Procedural and administrative


How do I satisfy a requisition for an electronic dealing?


Can a subscriber withdraw an electronically lodged dealing?


How do I order a copy of a registered electronic dealing?


Are all land titles suitable for electronic lodgment?


Priority Notice (PN)


What is the purpose of a Priority Notice (PN)?


How is a PN lodged?


How long is a PN effective for?


Can a person lodge more than one PN on a title?


Can there be more than one PN recorded on a title?


What happens when a PN expires?


Who can extend or withdraw a PN?


How many extensions can be lodged?


While a PN is lodged, can other dealings not listed in the PN be registered?


How is a PN lapsed?


Can a PN be lodged against any titles?


What if the details in the PN do not match the details in the lodged dealings?


Can a Caveat prevent a PN?