s67L Housing Act 2001

Notification 'TITLE IS HELD SUBJECT TO SECTION 67L HOUSING ACT 2001. CONSENT OF LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION IS REQUIRED FOR PLANS AND DEALINGS INCONSISTENT WITH THE INTERESTS OF THE CORPORATION', is entered on titles managed by Community Housing providers under the control of Land and Housing Corporation. The title will be in the name of the Community Housing provider.

Where the land is subject to s67L Housing Act 2001, consent by the Land and Housing Corporation is required for:

  • dealings affecting the land (but not for dealings affecting an interest in the land) and
  • plans.

Consent of Land and Housing Corporation may be:

  • furnished in writing or
  • may be endorsed on the dealing

Consent is not required for dealings to which Land and Housing Corporation is a party.

A Discharge of Mortgage does not require consent.