SD2 leases

Special format New Form manual folios, commonly known as SD2 leases, are created in some instances for shopping complexes, office buildings, retirement villages etc that may be affected by numerous leases, sub-leases etc. In some of these folios the Second Schedule is organised in a special format to enable notifications to be set out in a more orderly manner, e.g. a single folio for the fee simple estate with the Second Schedule containing a separate page for each shop, suite etc.

NSW LRS allows the Certificates of title for these special format manual folios to be held permanently in NSW LRS, thus offsetting the need to continually produce the title for registration of affecting dealings.

Staff processing information

The certificates of title are filed with SD2.  All dealings affecting a special format New Form manual folio or a computer title with a Notation (NB) 'Refer all dealings to SD2', must be referred to SD2 without connection to any delayed case.