Requirements for a strata plan

See schedules 10 - 14 of the Lodgment Rules.

All strata plans must be prepared by a land surveyor registered under the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002.

A strata plan can only subdivide fee simple land (including leasehold land) under the Real Property Act 1900 (Torrens Title).

A strata plan can subdivide one or more lots in a deposited plan (if it is more than one lot they must be contiguous). This plan is known as the base plan.

The base plan must be a plan of survey which has connections to at least two Permanent Survey Marks.

A strata plan may not subdivide:

  • a qualified or limited title
  • a lot in a neighbourhood plan, or
  • a perpetual lease from the crown.

The parcel to be subdivided must have a building or part of a building within its boundaries. Section 4 Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 provides a definition for a building as follows:

'Building', in relation to a strata scheme or a proposed strata scheme, means a building containing a lot or proposed lot, or part of a lot or of a proposed lot, in the scheme or proposed scheme.

It is the opinion of NSW LRS that a building must be a permanent structure, with walls, a structural base and a structural cover.

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