Approved forms - instructions

Approved forms provide a standard wording for various executions, certificates and other documents relating to strata plans.

Approved forms 3 (Surveyors Certificate, for subdivisions and consolidations) and 5 (Strata Certificate) are part of the administration sheet 3 (Part 1). Approved form 4 (Surveyors Certificate, for building alteration Plans) is part of administration sheet 3B for Building Alteration Plans.

When approved forms 9 - 12, 23 or 29 are required to enable the registration of a plan they should be endorsed in the signatures panel of the administration sheets.

The following information provides instructions for completing selected strata plan approved forms.

All approved forms must be produced including all of the text. It is not permitted to omit any information. Inapplicable information should be struck through.

Approved form 7 - Strata Plan by-laws this form is required when a developer intends to create their own by-laws.


Approved form 8 - Strata development contract this form is for the provision of a strata development contract.


Approved form 9 - Strata management statement this form is for the provision of a strata management statement.


Approved form 10 - Certificate re initial period this form must be lodged together with any documents that upon registration will perform an action that is not permitted during the initial period unless they are in accordance with a development contract.


Approved form 11 - Certificate that owners corporation agrees to the schedule of unit entitlement this form must be lodged together with a schedule of unit entitlement for a strata plan of subdivision which involves common property.


Approved form 12 - Certificate of owners corporation - agreeing to subdivision must be completed by the owners corporation.


Approved form 13 - Certificate of owners corporation - special resolution .


Approved form 14 - Certificate of owners corporation - creating a benefit or releasing a burden .


Approved form 15 - Notice by Council of proposed subdivision .


Approved form 18 - Revised schedule of unit entitlement may be used to provide a revised schedule of unit entitlements upon conclusion of a development scheme.


Approved form 23 - Attestation this form is required in all situations where the seal of the owners corporation is affixed to a certificate or any other document.