Approved form 18 - Revised schedule of unit entitlement

Approved Form 18 (PDF 116.5 KB) may be used to provide a revised schedule of unit entitlements upon conclusion of a development scheme.

A revised schedule of unit entitlement must be lodged within 2 years after the conclusion of the development scheme. See section 90(2) Strata Schemes Development Act 2015.

A qualified valuer must complete the valuers certificate by inserting their name, signing and dating in the appropriate fields.

The owners corporation must insert the date of the passing of the special resolution.

See Approved Form 23 - Attestation for the completion of the final part of this certificate..

The form should be lodged with a RPA Request Form to change the unit entitlements and include a revised schedule of unit entitlement. The “Revised Schedule of Unit Entitlement” must be clearly identified as such, and should be prepared in a similar format to the schedule provided on the original plan.