Approved form 7 - Strata Plan by-laws

Approved Form 7 (PDF 51.8 KB)  is required when the developer intends to create their own by-laws upon registration of the plan.

The by-laws intended to be adopted must be listed in the appropriate space.

All the by-laws should be numbered.

Care should be taken to ensure all by-laws are clearly worded, able to be enforced and can be legally created. See Divisions 2 and 3, Part 7 Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

It is not the responsibility of NSW LRS to check the by-laws for accuracy and correctness, however, a courtesy examination is often undertaken and requisitions may be raised to ensure an accurate document is registered.

NSW LRS may refuse to register a document they believe is inaccurate.

NSW LRS cannot provide advice regarding the wording of by-laws. It is recommended that legal advice is sought for this purpose.

If it is intended to adopt  the model by-laws for residential strata schemes (either in whole or in part) as set out in Schedule 3 Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016  together with other by-laws, the full text of the by-laws to be adopted must be set out.

All the regular by-laws should be listed first followed by any common property rights by-laws.