Approved form 15 - Notice by Council of proposed subdivision

Approved form 15 (PDF 8.0 KB) should be sent, by registered post, from a local council to notify an owners corporation of a proposed subdivision.

This is only required, in accordance with  section 55(1) Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, when the council has not been provided with a certificate from the owners corporation in Approved Form 12 that the owners corporation have passed a resolution consenting to the subdivision.

Approved Form 15 is not required by NSW LRS and must not be endorsed on any lodged documents.

Take the following steps to complete

  • Insert the name of the relevant council.
  • Complete the name of the owners corporation by inserting the strata plan number of the scheme.
  • Insert the number of days until a response is required (this must not be less than 21 days).
  • Insert the date, the application number and the appropriate signature.