Approved form 14 - Certificate of owners corporation - creating a benefit or releasing a burden

Approved Form 14 (PDF 7.9 KB) is a certificate given by an owners corporation stating that it has passed an ordinary resolution authorising a dealing or plan (which it must accompany) which: 

  • Creates  an easement, a restriction on the use of land or a positive covenant that benefits the common property in the scheme or the whole parcel
  • Releases  an easement that burdens the common property
  • Releases  a restriction on the use of land or a positive covenant that burdens the common property or the whole parcel.

(See section 34(2) Strata Schemes Development Act 2015)

The certificate must only be completed in circumstances where the resolution was passed after the expiration of the initial period or, the original owner owns all the of the lots in the strata scheme or, an order has been made by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal pursuant to section 27 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, authorising the registration of the dealing or plan. This certificate does not replace the need for Approved Form 10 – Initial Period.

How to complete the form

Insert the date the ordinary resolution was passed.

See Approved Form 23 - Attestation for the completion of the final part of this certificate.