Preparing the plan

The strata plan is prepared in the same manner as any other plan. However, consideration should be given to the position of the building(s) relative to the parcel boundaries.

Location plan

Strata plans based upon a stratum lot, as with all strata plans, must clearly define the parcel boundaries on the location plan. In this regard if the plan of survey required several sheets to define the boundaries of the subject land the location plan will require the same number of sheets.

The first sheet of the location plan will generally provide a definition of the external boundaries of the stratum lot. Subsequent sheets may show the boundaries of the parcel at varying levels as required.

Floor plan

The floor plans are prepared in the same manner as a regular strata plan. Consideration must be given to showing the current adjoining information as it is possible for a strata lot to adjoin a parcel which is not within the scheme. Also it is pointed out that all lots must be defined from structures within the parcel, it is not acceptable to define a lot from a structure within land outside the scheme.