Withdrawal of Priority Notice (electronic)

A Withdrawal of Priority Notice instrument may be lodged by the PN subscriber (or their solicitor or licenced conveyancer) to remove a PN from the land title.

An electronic Withdrawal of Priority Notice can only be lodged where it affects all of the land titles listed in the PN.

If less then all of the listed Land Titles are affected, then the PN should be withdrawn and a new PN lodged for the remaining titles.

Note: Priority of the protected dealings will be lost on withdrawal and any other dealings which were held up by the PN will proceed to registration.

An electronic Withdrawal of Priority Notice does not require a CoRD Holder Consent or the Certificate of Title.

For information to assist with completing a Withdrawal of Priority Notice in an ELNO, see ELNO guidance notes for Complete a Withdrawal of Priority Notice.

Staff Processing Information

When a PN has been withdrawn before expiry the priority of the listed dealings ceased to have effect and any dealings waiting in the queue may proceed if in order.