Rejection of WAL dealings

The following applies to Torrens Title land and Water Access Licences.

If the requisition raised on a dealing accepted for lodgment has not been satisfied within the specified time granted, the case must be referred to SD50 for rejection action.

The reviewing Officer may in certain circumstances prepare a further Notice of Intended Rejection form 10-0130 and forward it to the lodging party allowing a further 28 days, e.g. where a requisition has been partially satisfied.

Other dealings in the case lodged by the same party will be rejected unless a writen direction to register them has been received from the lodging party.

If a dealing is rejected, a Notice of Rejection form 10-0160 is prepared, the dealing is suitably marked and all relevant documents are forwarded to the lodging party or producing party, unless previously uplifted and not relodged.

Lodgment fees for a rejected dealing are not refundable.