Remove caveators consent

The caveator's consent notification is removed from the WAL folio upon removal of the caveat or the registered interest to which the caveator has consented.

A caveator who consents to the registration of a WAL dealing also consents to the exercise of any powers the registered parties of that dealing may acquire. For example, a caveator who consents to the registration of a mortgage cannot prevent the mortgagee from transferring, mortgaging, discharging or exercising power of sale under the mortgage.  Note  A variation of a registered mortgage is prohibited even though the caveator may have consented to the registration of the mortgage.

Staff processing information

Refer to SD31.

Registration procedure - SD6

Removal of caveator's consent (necessary when removing the WAL dealing to which the consent relates)


PRIME CODE    code of caveat as shown on the WAL folio

PRIME NO.    number of caveat

SUB CODE    code of caveator's consent

SUB NO.    number of caveator's consent.