Cancel suspension of a water access licence

Request form W-11R (PDF 324 KB)

Dealing type - R

(A) Stamp duty -  Not required. 

WAL Certificate - Not required.

Caveat noted on the WAL Folio – Does not prevent

(F) The number of the WAL affected by the request must be stated.

(G) The tenure type of the WAL must be stated and agree with the tenure type shown on the WAL folio, i.e. Continuing, Specific Purpose or Supplementary.

(H) Not applicable.

(I) The applicant must be WaterNSW or the Natural Resources Access Regulator.

(J) The nature of the request being the ‘lifting of licence suspension’ must be stated. 

(K) The relevant legislation must be stated being;

  • s78 Water Management Act 2000 where WaterNSW is the applicant; or 
  • Schedule 2 Natural Resources Access Regulator Act  2017 where the Natural Resources Access Regulator is the applicant.
(L) The details of the request must be stated.

(M) The request must be executed on their behalf by an authorised officer and witnessed.

See execution requirements for companies, witnesses etc pages.  Note Requirements are the same as for Real Property Act dealings except where otherwise stated.

Staff processing information

Refer to SD6.

Directions for SD6 may be found at TRSinfo website.