Conveyances - indexing frames

Staff processing information

For indexing purposes several unique Conveyance Frames are available in ADIS, also see the Table Of Contents for documents lodged under Conveyance.  The frames have been categorized by:

  • who executes the conveyance
  • how or why the land is conveyed
  • if it is a confirmatory conveyance or
  • if the conveyance contains a covenant to produce.

The appropriate frame must be used where the conveyance fits into these categories.

If the conveyance can be fitted into a combination of these categories, select one category, usually the more important, as the registration frame and enter the details of the other category as a Noting, e.g. a conveyance by an executor pursuant to an Order of Court would be entered under code "CCO" with a Noting: "By executor".

The Conveyance Frame, ie code "C", is always used when at least one vendor is conveying in their own right.