On 11 October 2021, the Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Act 2021 commenced, which abolished the Certificates of Title (CTs) and the control of the right to deal (CoRD) framework. All existing CTs have been cancelled and CTs will no longer be issued. Existing CTs will not need to be produced, and CoRD holder consent will not be required, for a dealing or plan to be registered. All existing Guidelines subject to this change are currently being reviewed and will be updated to reflect these changes. For further information regarding the abolition of CTs, please see https://www.registrargeneral.nsw.gov.au/property-and-conveyancing/eConveyancing/abolition-of-certificates-of-title

Agreements contracts

Agreement for sale sets out the terms of a proposed sale of land it is not an actual conveyance of land.


Conservation/ property agreement may be made between the proprietor of the land and a statutory authority (usually the NPWS or Crown Lands) for the protection of specific flora, fauna, environment etc.


Contract for sale usually contains a description of the land being sold, the consideration, and any terms and/or conditions attached to the sale.


Family arrangement is an agreement as regards the distribution of the assets of a family.


Guarantee is a contract in which one party gives a second party an undertaking to answer for any debt or default etc of a third party.


Indemnity is an undertaking to compensate for any loss, damage or expense, usually related to an agreement or contract.


Licence gives a party the right to perform specific actions that would normally be prohibited.


Mutual agreement is a binding contract between two or more parties and can cover any contingency.


Option to purchase an agreement between parties that gives one party (the purchaser) the right to take up the option to purchase property, goods and/or land from the other party (the vendor) at any time within a specified period.


Withdrawal or termination of a contract for sale staff processing information only.


Withdrawal or termination of an agreement for sale staff processing information only.


Withdrawal or termination of an option to purchase staff processing information only.