Upon registration of a strata plan the strata scheme commences and the following actions occur:

  • The prior title is cancelled.
  • The plan and administration sheets are processed to be placed on public record, including the affixing of the Registrar General's Seal and the date.
  • The owners corporation comes into existence.
  • All common property vests in the owners corporation and a certificate of title is issued for the common property, see section 24 Strata Schemes Development Act 2015.
  • A certificate of title is created for each lot in the plan which will issue in the name of the registered proprietor of the prior title.
  • The initial period commences.

After a strata scheme has commenced there are many actions that can take place and affect the scheme. Some of these actions may not take place during the initial period unless an order is obtained from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Actions which may take place after the commencement of the scheme include: